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the home of Fairtrade and Organic dried fruits, nuts and snack bars. We have won lasting markets for developing country farmers for more than 20 years. We pay fair prices in advance, develop and market farmers' products, run our own UK factory and share useful technology and experience with our overseas partners.


Welcome to Tropical Wholefoods,

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Keep Calm and Do Good - Meal Replacement Bar

As a positive response to the current situation we are producing a meal-replacement snack bar for sale from our web shop.

For each sale we will donate a second box to a food bank, soup kitchen or shelter for the homeless.  

Each bar is nutritionally complete and delivers 1/6th of the recommended daily allowance of calories, protein & carbohydrate, is high in fibre and 100% vegan. The bars are long life, ambient and have a best before date of in March 2021.

As a supporter of Tropical Wholefoods we hope that you will feel this is an initiative that you can support and agree that this reflects the values of self-help and mutual aid on which Tropical Wholefoods was founded.

For more details visit our shop today to purchase your bars.



2kg Amelie mango bulk

Our partners in Burkina Faso have changed the way they pack their mango! From the newest harvest, we are receiving mango in 2kg bulk bags rather than the 1kg best sellers we've been used to for over 15 years! Our partners have put a lot of thought into this and determined that 2kg bags are much more efficient for them and reduce wastage significantly. As such, we can offer the 2kg bag slightly cheaper than the 2 x 1kg would have been. We know this may be a bigger upfront cost to many of our customers but hope that double the amount will not be too inconvneient for the mango lovers amongst us.


New Just5 Bar Range

Tropical Wholefoods are proud to announce the launch of the Just5 snack bar range.  This range is a re-imagined version of the previous TW cereal bars. It now a has focus on Just 5 identifiable ingredients; organic, Fairtrade and vegan certification, and is Bursting with Righteous Flavour. It’s Just simple really. The four new flavours will replace the existing five bar range.  Just visit our webshop to simplify your diet.