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Fruits of the Nile picture gallery

with interviews of Fruits of the Nile farmers.  Made for the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy won by Fruits of the Nile in 2008.


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Christianity, Islam

161 out of 187 countries

33.5 million

Agriculture, Tourism

Mountain Gorillas, Idi Amin


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sourced from Fruits of the Nile

Fruits of the Nile (FON) buy Fairtrade Organic sun dried pineapple and banana from 5 farmers groups in Southern and Central Uganda who together form the Fruits of the Nile Growers Association. FONA has about 700 members, about a third of whom are pineapple farmers and two thirds of whom are banana farmers.  About a tenth of the farmers also run small businesses solar drying their fresh fruits. The farmers group sell their solar dried fruits to Fruits of the Nile who grade and pack all fruit ready for export at their purpose built factory in Njeru, near Jinja Uganda.


FON have been popularising solar drying amongst farmers, buying their produce and exporting since 1992.  FON believe that solar drying is an affordable way for farmers to preserve their fruits, and add value to them. In addition, solar drying has minimal environmental impact using renewable energy, retaining waste at the point where it is grown and minimising transport costs by transporting fruit only when it has been dried - and in bulk. The fruits are 100% natural dried fruits, produced without any added preservatives or added sugars.


FON produce 2 types of banana: ndizi and bogoya.  The ndizi are the sweet small bananas that are also known as "ladies fingers". In the UK, TW market them as "chewy banana chips."  The bogoya variety are a larger banana with a deep, almost toffee like flavour once dried.


FON pineapple is made from Smooth Cayenne Pineapple, and has a characteristic zingy sweet flavour. In addition to pineapple and banana, FON also produce sun dried papaya, cape gooseberries and strawberries.  The latter 2 are being developed as part of the UK Department for International Development FRICH programme.

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map chickens-mango-dried-fruit-fairtrade-organic FON-Dried-fruit-fairtrade-organic-mango-banana-apr school-village-africa-Organic-fairtrade-mango-drie women-working-africa-Organic-fairtrade-mango-dried FON-Uganda-Banana-fairtrade-organic
banana-truck-africa-Organic-fairtrade-mango-dried-fruit chickens-mango-dried-fruit-fairtrade-organic

Fairtrade and Organic with a great flavour and chewy texture, chewy chips are super in a lunch box and also great to bake with. 100% free from added sugar and preservatives.


100% free from added sugar and preservatives, bogoya banana have a deep, almost toffee -like flavour."Bogoya" is the Ugandan name for the variety of banana they are made from.

100% free from added sugar and preservatives, Organic Fairtrade pineapple are made from Smooth Cayenne Pineapple and have a wonderful sweet zingy flavour.

Another super lunch box or walking snack.



Fairtrade and organic snack bar  packed full of flavour made with more than 35% sun dried pineapple. Soft bite. No artificial additives, colourings or preservatives. Suitable for vegans.

Fairtrade Tea Bread

This tea cake, made with Fairtrade bananas, dates, raisins and walnuts is very tasty and low in fat.

Seafood Curry

cooking with Sun Dried Pineapple and Banana

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Inspired by a Srilankan recipe, the pineapple, seafood and coconut flavours in this, go very well together.


a short video

Sun Dried Banana - chewy chips

Sun Dried Banana - Bogoya slices

Sun dried Pineapple

Pineapple & Cashew snack bar

Shop - Fruits of the Nile pineapple-cashew-fairtrade-organic-dried-fruit-snack-bar Bogoya-banana-fairtrade-organic-410-410 pineapple-fairtrade-organic-sun-dried-fruit-410-41 banana-chips-fairtrade-organic-dried-410-410